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Do I need a philosophy of education? How does it reflect my core beliefs? Why do we “do school” the way we do? Are the ways we educate the best? Most of all, what do the ways we “do school” say about our most basic commitments and beliefs? Philosophy of Education explores these questions and others like it, examining how basic commitments affect the ways we govern schools, see students, plan teaching and learning, and make curriculum. Students will draw on a variety of resources – those from the tradition of Reformed, Christian education, some more broadly Christian, and those from outside faith-based education thought, to construct a statement describing their own education philosophy. While this course meets a requirement in the Teacher Education Program, it does not assume a background in teacher education. Students from outside teacher education are welcome. Prerequisite for teacher education students: Education 201/202/203. Prerequisite for all students: CORE 200. [Crosslisted: CORE 310]

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